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Embark on a Journey of Becoming

Experience Spiritual Transformation.

Become your best, favorite self. 

Discern BOTH who you are AND who God is. 

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Small Group

At Becoming, we believe in the importance of community and building meaningful relationships. Our small groups provide a space where individuals can deepen their connections with themselves, others, and God.

Bible Lessons

Adult Study 

Join us for our adult study classes at Becoming, where we explore progressive and liberation theology and approach the Bible with a Lutheran perspective. Our classes provide a space for deeper discussions and reflections on faith and spirituality, and are open to all who are interested in learning more. Come explore with us!

Yoga Session

Spiritual Practices 

At Becoming, we offer a variety of spiritual practices to help you learn how to live out your faith in your daily life. Our practices include mindfulness, welcoming prayer, meditation, and many more. We encourage you to explore our spiritual practices and discover new ways to strengthen your faith.

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